Sunday, May 18, 2014

Model's architecture

Current model's architecture is the following (with the description at the project's repository

But it is also a question now, how this new API will look like in GDAL. There are several ideas:
1. Leave all as it is now - there will be an OGR driver with additional non-generic OGR behavior, such as connectFeatures() method.

2. Create a set of new C API like functions. For example OGR_GMN_DS_ConnectFeatures(hD
S, ...) where there is a user's responsibility to pass hDS as OGRGmnDataSource.

3. Similar to (2), but fully object-oriented approach is to create a separate class hierarchy (like OGRSFDriver - OGRDataSource - OGRLayer). It will require the initialized data source of the spatial format. For example:

OGRDataSource *poDS;
// initialization of poDS ...
OGRNetwork *poNetwork;
poNetwork = OGRNetwork::create(poDS); // or OGRNetwork::open(poDS)

4.Use pseudo-SQL functions passed through the OGRDataSource::ExecuteSQL() method. For example ExecuteSQL("SELECT connectFeatures(/*...*/)")

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