Friday, July 4, 2014

Week #7. Reviewed timeline

During this week I've:
- worked with python tests which I had to implement as it usual for testing GDAL. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to fully implement them;
- chosen a final way of applying my changes in GDAL library: a fork of the official GDAL GitHub repo:;
- added several small methods to GNM API which were committed with all my previous GNM work in the initial commit of MikhanGusev/gdal.

I also made a reviewed timeline which more strictly describes the rest of my summer of code, though it doesn't differ so much from the general plan. The main differ is that I'm no longer implementing the driver, while I implement the separate set of classes. This differ causes the shifting of the timeline. Also, some steps which I planed for the ending (like API-testing applications) I've already partly implemented, so the order of general plan steps now differs a bit.

1. (July 5 – July 11) Complete python tests of current functionality

1.1. API tests (GNMConnectivity, GNMManager)
1.2. Application tests (gnminfo)

2. (July 5 – July 25) Complete moving all functionality to new API in this order:

2.1. ~(July 5 – July 11) Automatic connectivity building
2.2. ~(July 12 – July 18) Features addition and deletion
2.3. ~(July 12 – July 18) Graph analysis
2.4. ~(July 19 – July 25) Network's business logic

3. (Also July 19 – July 25) Another console application which works with the new API.

4. (July 26 – August 1) Python tests of the rest of functionality and applications.

5. (Also July 26 – August 1) Documentation and tutorial.

6. (August 2 – August 11) Either create method smth like GNMConnectivity :: ImportFromPGRouting() or implement a full support of pgRouting as I described here.

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