Friday, July 18, 2014

Week #9. Working with features and gnminfo python tests

There are several methods were added to gnm: CreateFeature(), SetFeature(), DeleteFeature() which do the required actions for the connectivity and then call the corresponding GDALDataset methods.

This week I've also finally coped with python in GDAL. So for today there is a working python test which tests the gnminfo utility and can be used in command line like the following (this was tested on Windows):
  TEST: test_gnminfo_1 ... success
  TEST: test_gnminfo_2 ... success
  TEST: test_gnminfo_3 ... success
  TEST: test_gnminfo_4 ... success
  TEST: test_gnminfo_5 ... success

Test Script: test_gnminfo
Succeeded: 5
Failed:    0 (0 blew exceptions)
Skipped:   0
Expected fail:0
Duration:  0.47s

Found libgdal we are running against : D:\GitHub\gdal-build\bin\gdal20.dll
, where test #1 is simple --help test, test #2 creates a connectivity in autotest/tmp, test #3 gets info about it, test #4 imports some layers from autotest/gnm/data and test #5 deletes the connectivity.

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