Friday, August 8, 2014

Week #12. GNM is almost finished

What I've complete in GNM at this week:
1. Implemented the second algorithm: Connected components search and according capability in gnmanalyse app;
2. Implemented blocking capabilities for networks. Now you can calculate paths and resource distribution via gnmanalyse app as the folowing:
>gnmanalyse.exe resource -bl 12 -bl 235 -unbl 740 

// This will analyse the resource distribution (water, electricity) during the commutations of features in network: the features 12, 235 are blocked (will not be regarded during the routing process) and 740 is unblocked. All blocking features will be saved in a separate system layer. The resource will spread over the network from the features which are marked as emitters (via rules). The emitter features can also be blocked so not to 'emit' the resource. 

>gnmanalyse.exe dijkstra 718 740 -unblall

// This will calculate the shortest path between 718 and 740 when all features (saved in previous calculations) are become unblocked.
3. Now it is possible to connect features without geometries - the according system features will serve as graph edges;
4. Fixed some bugs/issues.

All these capabilities I've also previously described in my older posts.

What I need to do in order to finish my work on GNM:
1. Fix GNUMakefile-s according to some new changes
2. Make a bit more python tests
3. Complete docs: some new comments in code and finish architecture & tutorial

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