Friday, August 15, 2014

Week #13. GNM finished

At this week I've completed all that I planed to do for the last week:

1) Fixed all makefiles (GNUMakefile and and built on Linux and Windows accordingly. I also tested all my apps (which use the most of GNM functionality) on these platforms and they worked fine;
2)  Complete GNM Python tests. Now the direct GNM tests and tests of gnmmanage app are available;
3) And finally I've completed all documentation:
       *  Doxyfile for GNM;
       * All public methods are commented in code for Doxygen accordingly;
       * GNM architecture;
       * GNM tutorial;
       * gnmanalyse description in .dox form;
       * gnmmanage description in .dox form.

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